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"Alright... thanks." Mark said as he hung up. "Some Pokemon officials will look around the area so we're secure. Lets get moving and follow that tracker. This time we're getting the jump on them!" Mark said. He got out a Super Potion himself and sprayed Snype to heal him up a bit. He had to get him prepared and all. Mark still had his other Pokemon... odd... why didn't they take the whole bag? They seemed fixated on Commodore. Something was fishy... but of course, Porygon was an extremely rare Pokemon. Of course it'd be the target! He wanted to appologize so baddly to Sammy but he didn't have time. Besides, Sammy wouldn't want to hear him sulk. Not now of all times.

The grunts seemed to be running through the forest for a certain building. Eventually the trio stumbled across the Abandoned Power Plant. That'd have the power to handle their operation to extract data out of Commodore. The two quickly headed on inside, their Pokemon ready to take on any wild Pokemon inside.

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