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    Samantha Felicity Cooper

    Sammy's tracker was able to lead her and Mark straight to the abandoned Power Plant. How was that for irony, or poetic justice, or whatever. The place they had been planning on checking out next their attackers ended up leading them to.

    "I don't have any Repels," Sammy admitted as she looked at the outside of the old Power Plant, "so we'll need to be careful of the Pokemon here. We don't want to exhaust ourselves and our Pokemon battling hordes of Pichu, especially since Corphish is going to struggle against Electric types. Len too, and he's your heavy hitter. If we do end up having to deal with any wild ones we should let Shuppet and Snype handle it, save Corphish and Len for the Rockets."

    She wanted to rush headlong into the Power Plant and kick those Rockets in their grunts, but she couldn't afford to lose her cool right now. With Cubone, Ponyta and Commodore on the line they just couldn't risk doing anything that might endanger them. If only she'd had Ponyta a little longer she could try and release it once they reached the Rockets, but she couldn't count on an injured, freshly captured and disoriented Pokemon helping them. The poor creature would probably be so confused it would lash out at everyone. And Cubone could barely handle a practice battle, nevermind a stressful situation like this.

    No, so far as she was concerned, Shuppet and Corphish were all she would be able to contribute to this through her Pokemon. If they went down it would all be up to Mark and his team.
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