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    Samantha Felicity Cooper

    Following Marks advice Sammy kept her hands to herself and motioned for Corphish to stay close by her side. Shuppet simply floated along beside her, silent and expressionless. Nothing seemed to effect the Puppet Pokemon in the slightest. Sammy tried to listen out for any sounds that might indicate the location of the Rockets, keeping silent herself. She wanted to find them without giving away her own position.

    Corphish flexed his claws, opening and closing them without actually snapping them shut. Some unlucky Team Rocket Grunts were in for a nasty experience with ViceGrip if he had his way.

    The Power Plant itself was more than a little creepy, clearly having been abandoned for some time. It seemed like the sort of place that would normally attract Ghost types, but the Electric types drawn by the remaining energy must do a good job at protecting their territory.
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