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Originally Posted by warship View Post
now i want to play path of radiance and radiant dawn even more! even though i got a wii i never got to play those two because of how expensive games here are D: i'll try to emulate them if worst comes to worst but for now i'll try to get ahold of them via legal ways. i never got into super smash but i should give it a try one day it definitely seems so cool

They're definitely worth playing though. Since they're non-handhelds, the epicness of the story really comes out more. Because, let's face it, Path of Radiance' and Radiant Dawn's story lines ARE epic. Even if not all characters are as memorable as some of the handheld games, there are those that definitely are worth remembering: Soren, Ike, Oscar, Tibarn, Naesala, Shinon, Reyson, Ranulf, Lethe, Titania, Jill, Haar...
My only major complaint about Radiant Dawn is that some of the characters are weak compared to their Path of Radiance counterpart. Lethe was one of my main fighters in PoR, and she was only a fraction of her previous self in RD.

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