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    The first time I played Pokemon Gold was in fifth grade. My friend had a copy and she let me play it for a while. I was instantly hooked. I had only played the newer games until that point and it was exciting to find out what Pokemon used to be like. My friend had two copies of the game, but unfortunately one had a dead save battery. We didn't know that at the time, so we never replaced it. Eventually, I ended up asking if I could have the game, since she had two and it didn't save anyway. She let me and I took it home. Later, a quick google search informed me of the problem with the battery and my mother and I fixed it. Overjoyed that I could play the game properly, I set off at once. I still have that game today, and it is still one of my favorites. I caught my first non-event shiny there. (A gligar named Clyde.) My current team consists of:
    (species name-nickname-level)

    Hopefully this game lasts a while longer before the save dies. I enjoyed it immensely.
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