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    Okay, guys! I'm gonna sign you two up and I'm gonna get started on the graphics. I had a weird feeling this wasn't going to get approved so I didn't start making anything official last night :/ But I did learn some new tricks so hopefully I can get this club looking really good. If you sign up and I don't register you, it's because I'm making the graphics. Busy as a bee! Thank you for approving this, Alex :3

    Oh, and I guess I might as well sign myself up xD

    Username: Snowdrop
    Do you want to go by a nickname? If so, your nickname is: Skitters or Snowene
    Pick a partner Pokemon (optional): Entei
    Pick your partner's nickname (optional): Baba
    Your favorite real-life cat: Lion <3 <3 <3 <3
    Your favorite cat Pokemon: A tie between my all-time favorite Pokemon, Entei, Skitty, and Delcatty.
    An answer to the topic:
    You know, I'm not one for competitive battle. In Gale of Darkness my Delcatty is pretty good with her Sweet Kiss and Secret Power, but she can get taken out quickly. I think with proper support every Pokemon can be a star. There are almost 700 Pokemon. If you're clever in picking partners and a supportive team and Pokemon can work. It's just... really hard with certain cat Pokemon. It seems most cats get kicked out of the park with low defenses but have decent attack. It does kind of irritate me, seeing as to how Skitty, Meowth, Shinx, and Purrloin's lines are considered bad in battle. It's weird, too, because people in Japan seem to really love cats O_O So, IDK, I guess maybe they're too delicate and beautiful to fight in battle? Too feminine? Beats me, but I hope maybe this can be changed a bit in 6th gen!