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    Hey guys, long time no see.

    I've returned with some good news. I'm continuing work on Pokemon Pyrite. However, I have slimmed down my goal of 24 badges and allowing full access to Kanto and Johto.

    The game will be complete after I finish working on Gym's 7 and 8 (just finished 6), the Xiades Event, the final encounter with the Mask of Ice, and The Pokemon League.

    With this information, the game completion rate has risen to about 80%.

    Once I fix some of the bugs preventing its release, I shall update the thread with Patch 0.4.

    You'll also get to battle Xiades, for the first time. He won't join your party until after you defeat the Mask of Ice and regain your lost Pokemon. But, he will be a most valuable asset to your team.

    The first battle with Xiades, you'll fight him just after you get the badge from Ravensdale Summit (Badge 6.) He will be level 60, and very powerful. You will not be able to catch him, so don't waste any Pokeballs (current bug is that a Master Ball has a chance of catching him, trying to figure out how to bypass this.) The object of the battle is just to be able to defeat him with your current party. He will voluntarily join your party after the Mask of Ice is finally defeated.

    I hope this news is good for you all to hear, as it was very hard on me to choose to quit working on Pokemon Pyrite. It was a time in my life I just needed a break. I have been working on this game since I graduated High School (2008), so its no surprise that I would have been burned out by it, eventually.

    That said, you guys can hear from me about the upcoming patch, very soon.

    Have a good summer,


    Pokemon Pyrite is now complete, check out the trailer/download link here:
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