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Paladin vs The Crusher

Silence followed suit. Sovereign stood, his eyes closed, and his hide a deep purple. The sky still hanged black. As Paladin moved in to attack, Sovereign's arm reached out, and caught the attack mid swing. His breathing was a dull, growling pant. his eyes slowly opened, revealing that they had become completely black. There wasn't even any gloss to them, as if they ate up any light that hit them.

Sovereign opened his maw, and roared with incredible force, as a pair of great, black dragon wings of immense size emerged from his back. Once the roar was finished, the wings flapped a couple of times. Sovereign hunched over, like a wild animal, and sniffed the air. His focus was caught by a scent from behind, something familiar to the beast. An unfinished kill, from years before. With greater speed than anyone could expect from a Tyranitar, he turned around swiftly, and charged towards the still Blaziken, whom he had been denied so long ago.

Paladin retracted his arm from Sovereign's grasp with ease since it didn't seem to be him that the best was interested in now. His rock-like skin had become a dark purple, and in the darkness generated by the shadow sky above them, it appeared as if the blackness of his eyes was nothing but a gaping hole, leaving empty eye sockets. The wings, seemingly born of that vile energy which had been whipping around before, flapped twice. Paladin looked, stunned. "What are you...?" He muttered. Sovereign then hunched over, seeminlgy no longer interested in the giant Golurk looming before him. In one swift motion, the monster turned around and began charging at... the Blaziken. Paladin couldn't believe it; after all that, he was no longer interested. Now he wanted to beat up innocents again. "Oh no you don't, you piece of-" Paladin grunted as he stepped forward, reached out, and grabbed Sovereign's stubby legs, causing him to topple over.

Sovereign growled and snapped on the ground at the still Blaziken. "GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" He cried as he slammed his tail down towards the Golurk who now held him in place.

His wings touched the ground, and lifted him back onto his feet. After a moment longer staring at the Blaziken, he turned to face Paladin. His displeasure was palpable. His new wings extended out as far as they could, an impressive span, before swinging down and back, thrusting Sovereign, teeth bared to Crunch into Paladin!

The attack struck full-force. Sovereign's charge was surprisingly fast and sent the two flying some ways back. Sovereign clenched his teeth tightly around Paladin's head, causing him to wince. "" he struggled to say as he finally managed to push the beast off him with his legs. The attack left a large gash in the shape of Sovereign's teeth on the side of Paladin's head, from which gas poured. It was the same corrosive gas from before, and it was making its way towards Sovereign. "You're dead now," Paladin said at the sight of the gas. With any luck, it would destroy Sovereign like it had done to the Ancients.

As the gas touched Sovereign, his armor began to crack. He pushed himself away from Paladin, quickly, and called out in pain as he swept his wings across to blow the gas away.

The cracks grew, as wriggling darkness emerged from them. "WrrreeeaaaaaAAAAAAAAH!!!" Sovereign rushed in, riding his wings as he released his black tendrils to grab the Paladin, and dragged him across the ground, stopping in front of a building, the momentum sending the Golurk towards it!

Paladin couldn't stop it. The tendrils wrapped tightly around his legs and arms and pulled him to the ground and across it. He smashed violently into the nearby building, causing him to go into a daze for a moment. The world seemed to swirl before him, but then he realized he was still in Sovereign's grasp.

"Enough of this!" He shouted. Paladin retracted his legs into his torso, going into flight mode. The tendrils grabbing his legs were forced to release them as a concentrated blaze of fire spewed from him. The sheer force was enough to get Paladin off the ground. He screamed as his arms were still held onto by Sovereign's tendrils, struggling to get them off him. "GGRRRRRAAAAAAAAAH!" He screamed as he slowly ascended towards the dark sky above.

The strands pulled tight! Sovereign could feel himself being pulled. He swung his wings towards the sky, trying to hold himself to the ground. but it was no use, as he was lifted up into the sky. As he rose, his wings spasmed, and coagulated. Then they split into 6 separate tentacles, and went weaving through the air towards his opponent., trying to pull himself closer.

"What?!" Paladin shouted as he took a look down. Sovereign approached, his newly formed tentacles reaching up and wrapping themselves around him at the waist and head. One of the tentacles became wrapped around Paladin's eyes, so he was now blind. Still, he released the maximum of the fiery energy he could to bring both himself and Sovereign higher up into the sky. Sovereign, meanwhile, pulled himself higher up with his tentacles, approaching the Golurk and finally grabbing him with his arms. Paladin knew he couldn't keep this up any longer. He managed to shake off the tentacle that blinded him, and locked eyes with Sovereign. "You're going down," Paladin said hatefully. "Literally."

With that, flames stopped erupting from his torso, and the two stood suspended in mid air for a second, before they began falling back to the ground. Then, Paladin put himself in a diving position so that his head faced the ground and his legs the sky, with Sovereign still grabbing hold of him. Paladin retracted his legs again and the propelling flames sped up their descent. Paladin tried to wriggle free of Sovereign's grasp, but with the powerful tentacles and tendrils laced around his body, it was impossible. They would have to go down together.

At full speed, Paladin flew towards the ground. He quickly realized he was heading for a three-story building. Before impact, Paladin shouted, "This is for my master, you vile monster!"

The crash was enormous. Paladin and Sovereign destroyed the roof of the giant building, sending debris everywhere, and did the same with the next three floors. Crash, Crash, BOOM! The impact with the ground was so enormous that it sounded more like an explosion than a crash. The resulting shockwave blasted out in all directions, destroying the foundations of the building's walls and causing any nearby fighting Pokemon to be thrust back.

After they recollected themselves, none of the fighters could see what had happened to the two behemoths who had fallen out of the sky, but they assumed that they had perished. The theory was confirmed when the walls of the building tilted in the direction of the fighters; the walls impacted with each other, crushing one another into smaller pieces which would then fall to the ground, burying Paladin and Sovereign in rubble.

Sovereign was the first to emerge, bursting forth from the wreckage. The dark tendrils retracted to him, tracing a line to where his target was. As he stood over the spot, he slammed his foot down, driving the stones of the building into Paladin.

His tentacles reached into the ruin, and retrieved 6 sharp stones, once again giving him the visage of the Legendary Dragon, Giratina. "SKRIIYAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!"

Return to Ash

From the rubble, something emerged after Sovereign. Something that was shaped like Paladin, something that sounded like Paladin, but was not Paladin. It was a dark shadow of the Golurk's form. A body void of good.

With a heavy grunt, he shoved the last of the rocks off of him. However, he didn't attack Sovereign. He just stood, unmoving, so that his new form was fully visible. He was like a statue, a sickly shade of grey covering his entire body rather than just half. He had turned dark again. Finally, he moved. He lifted his arm up to his face, giving it a good look. "Hmm," he muttered, lowering his hand.

"Yes," he said calmly, "I quite like this." His eyes glowed deadly red, and soon their gaze came to rest upon Sovereign.

The beast pants became heavier and heavier as he saw what seemed to be a powerful opponent. Some part of Sovereign still wanted a good fight, and clearly this was it. He breathed with a growl as he gave the new enemy a ravenous look.

"Oh, quiet, you," he said mockingly. "It's about time somebody shut you up, you useless waste of space. What you did to my master was unforgivable. Now, what I shall do to you will be... unforgivable."

Paladin raised his fist. "Now feel this." The arm came down with devastating force. The impact of the fist with the ground sent a shockwave out into the air that propelled a wave of rocks at Sovereign. Through this wave of rocks came Paladin, at full speed in his flight mode, as if nothing had happened to him, ready with a Hammer Arm.

As the barrage of rocks came down on Sovereign, his new appendages began to radiate. 4 of them attempted to absorb some of the blow as the other two swung in to inflict Payback. The force of the blow was great, and still, despite the block, sent him flying.

Sovereign's feet skidded across the ground as he stopped in front of another building. The dark tendrils pierced the building, and brought the supports crashing out before hurdling them towards this Dark Paladin.

Hammer Arm was unleashed, and the first of the hurdled supports were crushed by the devestating power. Paladin still flew towards Sovereign at an unnatural speed for one so large as himself. With another Hammer Arm at the ready, he swiftly brought out his legs and landed a few feet away from Sovereign, who used his strange tentacles to grab one of the walls of the nearby building and fling it at the Golurk. Paladin prepared a Shadow Punch in both his fists, and as the wall neared, struck it with intense force. Although the impact forced him back a few feet, the wall smashed into pieces, the rubble falling to reveal an almost unscathed Paladin.

"That all you got?"

Paladin was next to attack, stomping his foot on the ground to generate shockwaves beneath the earth, which got the tectonic plates moving again. Another Earthquake. This one would shake the entire city. All around, Pokemon began falling to the ground and buildings started crashing down, crushing anybody inside them. Above the two monsters, the building which Sovereign had used to attack Paladin began falling apart completely, its rubble heading for the Tyranitar.

The tentacles merged together, and spread once again, as a massive pair of dragon's wings! They wrapped Sovereign, in a protective coccoon, as the building came toppling down from above. At the impact, the black shape emerged, flying into the air through the other side of the building. At the apex of his climb, the wings unfulred, as he let out another roar! Sovereign's true Outrage was now full force, as he flew towards the Paladin!

He tackled the warrior, and carried him with, as they approached the origin of their battle once again. He skidded across the ground with the Paladin in hand, until they came to a halt. Sovereign began to mercilessly crush his opponent into the ground, until he noticed it again. The scent.

He looked up to find the Blaziken, still there. His mouth salivated at the thought of tearing her limb from limb. Sovereign arose, and began to walk towards her, once again. His breathing so heavy, so thick, and the fluids pouring from his mouth. Finally, he would eat.

"You can eat after I'm done with you," Paladin said, noticing what seemed to be a hunger for this Blaziken. He got up from the ground, clearly battered. His body made creaking noises as he stood up straight again. Then, with Sovereign's back turned, he launched a devastating Hammer Arm to the beast's backside. Not waiting to see if the attack struck, he followed up with a Giga Impact, reaching his arms out to trap the Tyranitar in a bear hug as he did so.

As Paladin struck him once more with a Hammer arm, Sovereign's armor finally gave, as he exploded into a mass of shadows, a beast whose shape vaguely resembled a Tyranitar. "SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" he cried as the Golurk Impacted the monster as it unleashed ultimate Payback. The attacks collided, and the resulting shockwave shook the entire city in it's wake. The violent earthquake, unintentionally created by these two titans, created a crack, right down the center of the city, as the earth began to split. The result of this collision was a massive fissure, dividing the city. A few buildings were sucked into the fissure, but for the most part the city remained in tact, though it was left bloodied and scarred, and would never be the same.

When the cataclysmic event had ended, each combatant was on a different side of the hole. Two titans collided, but now their battle was ended. The devastation, beyond words, only the work of the Paladin and the Crusher.

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