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Not to sound like a ninny or anything, but we kinda already have an atom-like Fake

And I should have a Fire Type done in about an hour, merely because we're missing Fire.

Oh, and before I forget again, are we going to go over Slender's sketches?
Some of them look incomplete

Here go

It's based on spicy rice! Or you know that red rice you see at markets

Name: Fricety, Fried + Rice + Tasty
Classification: Spicy Pokemon
Type: Fire
Ability: Limber, Flame Body
Spicy Flavor Text:
"While rather disgusting, a Fricety's mustache is actually a source of food. It will occasionally shed it's mustache and a new one grows in it's place."
NEW signature move - Spicerize
The User will attack with a pepper-spray like attack if he is not holding a berry, at 70BP
If the User is holding a berry, he will instead "spicerize" it, increasing it's power to 100BP and will always burn the opponent.
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