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    Originally Posted by Armorous View Post
    Adelbert, after one of my favourite Final Fantasy characters?
    EDIT: Joey!

    ...That's all I have right now.
    Let's go with Conker. :D Thank you! I like Conker's Bad Fur Day, so that works!
    Conker the Electrode, I like that. :D
    EDIT: I have now just finished Mt. Pyre, and i have caught my next team member! Meet, NAME? PLS? the female Heracross! The Heracross in the safari zone did NOT want to be caught. But I had a bit of luck with her. I hate to ask(no I don't, I just can't think of names), but could I get a name for a female Heracross? It needs to be a video game character/monster name that is not Zelda, Sephiroth, ChainChomp, or Conker. Thanks!

    Zelda/Gardevoir OT: Espeon Lv 36 Female Synchronize Lonely 1. Psychic 2. Calm Mind 3. Confusion 4. Teleport

    Sephiroth/Nuzleaf OT: Brendan(My Emerald name) Lv 36 Male Early Bird Relaxed 1. Bide 2. Faint Attack 3. Bullet Seed 4. Nature Power

    ChainChomp/Lairon OT: Espeon Lv 34 Male Sturdy Modest 1. Headbutt 2. Iron Defense 3. Mud Slap 4. Iron Tail

    Conker/Electrode OT: Espeon Lv 35 Genderless Soundproof Serious 1. Rollout 2. Selfdestruct 3. Sonicboom 4. Spark

    NAME? PLS?/Heracross OT: Espeon Lv 29 Female Swarm Serious 1. Horn attack 2. Endure 3. Fury Attack 4. Brick Break

    Money: $29074
    Pokedex: 30
    Play Time: 28:05
    Badges: 7

    Oh, and here is the name raters "prophecy" for the nickname of Conker, found on the NAME RATER SHOW
    This nickname is...
    A nickname that hints at talent in many different ways.
    I urge this TRAINER to take courage and take on many challenges.
    The nickname Conker is rooted by the letter "o."
    That letter is supported by the first letter "C," which gives it a solid sense of presence as a nickname.
    But I must say, Espeon has a most remarkable flair for devising nicknames.
    It is my hope that the TRAINER will continue to treat Conker with love."

    Hey there! I still need a name for my female Heracross, and now I need a name for my female Clamperl, who will be in the hall of fame as a Gorebyss. In case you are a newcomer around here, here are the rules for the name. 1. It MUST be a video game character/monster 2. It can't be Zelda, Sephiroth, ChainChomp, or Conker. Thank you, and may the odds be ever in your favor.

    I have now beaten Tate & Liza. It was relatively easy, Solrock was a butt, though. But, Sephiroth and ChainChomp were able to take care of them on the second try, so they were actually easier than Wattson.........

    Geez, no one has posted yet? Oh well. I just wanted to say that, as I have beaten Tate & Liza, i have beaten the Team Aqua hideout near Lilycove. I can also take male names for my Clamperl, because I have a male backup incase I get better male names than female names. Thank you, and please post soon.