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Ooh, I gotta say I love that mon^

And sorry I've been absent for a while! I went away for camp last week and only returned yesterday and before that I had driving school which was really draining etc.

ANYWAY, I'll try to be more active in this project! As for what was said a while ago about the rabbit line being a normal fire type line, it doesn't really matter to me! I don't see the fact of it being mischievous as a problem since there are pokemon that literally eat your life force (litwick) so a mischievous starter seems somewhat tame in comparison haha. And we could also put in a line in the pokedex entry that states something like "For those that tame and befriend it, Rabbliflare can become a fierce ally. Those that cross this pokemon will find they have made a grave mistake"

That being said I really don't mind if someone wants to create a new fire starter! I'd love to see what people would create in it's place! :D
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