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    I'll sign up.
    Username: Elgyem
    Favourite Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck: Psychics
    Favourite card: Hard to choose, but I'd have to say Brionac.
    Do you have a Youtube Yu-Gi-Oh! channel? Not at the moment.
    If so, what is it?


    I'm not much of a meta player, preferring to run decks that I like. Probably my favorite deck would be the banish variant of Psychics, which is what I'm currently running. I'm actually doing alright with it at locals, even so far as getting into the top 8 with it. The deck is one of the few that can hold it's own against Prophecy (It can easily spit out an early-game or even first-turn Naturia Beast).

    As for Xyz monsters, I quite dislike them. I only run 1 in my Extra Deck, that 1 being Zenmaines, which I rarely use.
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