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    I think this story is quite interesting, given how much potential the plot has to go into so many possible different directions that I have been thinking of. I don't quite get why nobody has shown any interest in this yet. I definitely wanna sign up. I'll leave this here for now. It's still far from finished, but just want to show some interest. :3

    SIGN UP:
    Name: Harriet Gardner
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female

    Appearance: Harriet is notably taller than most of her peers. She has a 6' figure with lanky features in an ordinary banana shape. Her legs are slightly longer than normal in proportion to her body, and the musculature in her calves hints at her sportive lifestyle. Her skin is light and aside from that unremarkable. Her visage is slightly pear shaped, with round cheeks and a flared jawline, a short snubby nose sits between her large round prominent grey eyes below her arched eyebrows. She prefers pulling her medium-length light brown hair back, and keeping it in a wavy pony. A few strands that escape her tend to whisp down in front of her ears. To some people, she might appear a little older for her age, if only for her size and her usual level-headed expression.

    She doesn't fish for comments with her way of dressing, but she likes to go with something that she can make herself presentable with at least. She usually dons herself with a yellow singlet and dark blue skinny jeans that barely expose her calves. She never wears high heels, since she finds them awkward and she thinks she's tall enough already. Instead, a pair black trainers do for her. She has packed for the journey ahead in a grey and dark blue rucksack. She got herself a typical trainer's belt for the journey that allows her to clip pokéballs to them and a hip bag for storage of quick access items.

    Personality: Harriet is spontaneous and unpredictable in her actions, and has a sharp sense of wit in conversations. She has an acute awareness to her present surroundings, and she can observe relevant facts and details, which often leads to her doing something with them. She is quite flexible, both due to her improvisation around her immediate surroundings, though she also rarely makes meticulous plans to productively pursue her objectives, and doing so can sometimes cause her excessive boredom. She also struggles to focus her attention on theories that don't appeal to her, or have no practical approach to them. She likes to test out theories she is presented, and experience what they do, and how they make the world move, when she learns them.

    She forms her judgements according to strong internal values. She believes she has a strong internal sense of justice, and sympathises especially with younger people or with pokémon. Her behaviour, though sometimes considered crude, is ultimately intended to protect what she loves most from harm. She also believes, just like with humans, that there are good and bad pokémon, and she would rather not form a telepathic link with those she thinks are jerks to weaker pokémon.

    History: Harriet, or Hattie as people affectionately call her was born in Goldenrod city, as the eldest of sororal twins. She was born just a few minutes before midnight on 12 November, while her younger sister Phoebe was born almost half an hour later the following day. Despite this curiosity, the two always celebrated their birthdays together on the 12th from the first time and still do now. She and Phoebe grew to be very good friends. As they got older, her parents began to note their personalities grew differently, though this was not exactly abnormal for twins. Harriet, aside from turning out to be a lot more spontaneous, unpredictable, and active, had a much stronger affinity towards pokémon than her slightly younger sister Phoebe. The two often went to the national park together, where they played with the pokémon that roamed there. Harriet first learnt the unusualness of her ability this way, when she was surprised that Phoebe couldn't interact with pokémon the same way. They promised to keep her ability secret from her parents for the time being.

    In school, Harriet found keeping her abilities secret a lot more difficult than she expected, not in the least because she excelled classes of pokémon biology, while her other subjects were well within the normal percentiles. Her knowledge sometimes even stunned the teachers. The staff concluded she had to be gifted in the field of pokémon, a feat her parents were very proud of. At just 12 years of age, the teachers gave her college-level material on the field to keep her occupied during biology classes, and Harriet's fascination for her ability, and the possibilities of communicating on such an intimate level with pokémon, grew and grew. Some scientists who were interested in finding out about her abilities interviewed her. They discovered that her talents were far beyond the ordinary, and that she could connect with pokémon a far deeper level than any normal human could achieve.

    However, life went on for Harriet, and she still developed like a normal child had to, and she still had very down-to-earth ambitions. She and Phoebe went to dancing school together, though Harriet was forced to quit after just a short while, because she could not keep up with the more petite girls due to her lanky figure. Instead, when she was in her freshman year, she joined her high school's junior varsity volleyball team. She found a lot more enjoyment in that sport than she could in her dancing school, but she still egged on Phoebe to do her best with dancing.

    Harriet received a note soon after from a scientist that interviewed her a while ago, that explained to her that he had met with a few other scientists and discovered she was not alone in her talents. She was delighted to hear she could go out on a journey with a starter pokémon to look for the missing legendaries. She explained the note to her parents, who agreed to let her take the journey.
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