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This looks really cool! I'd like to reserve a spot, if that's alright.

Name: Elizabeth Kornam
Age: 15
Gender: Female


Elizabeth stands at five feet, three inches, and is rather thin, weighing in at around one hundred pounds. Elizabeth has medium-length red-pink hair, which she usually keeps tied up, either in braids or a bun, usually tied with a ribbon. She usually dresses in bright colors, tending to avoid blacks and grays in large amounts. She keeps her weight low, and extremely self-conscious about her appearance. She tends to avoid makeup, but wears it on occasion. Elizabeth also tends to avoid heels, as they make it more difficult for her to walk. She dislikes being dirty, and generally bathes everyday, whether or not it is convenient for her.

Personality: Elizabeth is, externally, very shy. She tends to avoid large groups of people because they make her nervous. She prefers to socialize in small groups of her friends, where she reveals her outgoing side. Among close friends, she is surprisingly outgoing, making jokes constantly. She also makes fun of her friends, and a good sign that you're her friend is if she makes fun of you. She is also extremely self-conscious, though perhaps not to the point that it crosses over into vanity. She has strong opinions of the "proper" way to do things, and tends to get annoyed when people don't do things in a way similar to her. As far as Pokemon go she has little practical experience, but has lots of book knowledge and loves interacting with Pokemon.

History: Elizabeth was raised by her Father, as her Mother died when she was very young. She was sickly as a child, and as a result, has never gone on a Journey, for fear that her condition will suffer. She has been around Pokemon from a young age, mostly her father's Pokemon from his time as a trainer. It was during these experiences that she discovered her abilities. She was playing hide and seek with her father's Kecleon, and found that she could find the Pokemon without trying to look. It was as if she knew where the Pokemon would be at any given time.

Due to her childhood illness, she has lived a rather sheltered life, never going on long travels or vacations. She was confined to her room most of the time, and entertained herself by reading. Her father is a great lover of natural history, and Elizabeth loved looking through his books. As a result, she has a large knowledge of Pokemon, though much of it is book knowledge rather than actual experience. When she got her letter she was overjoyed, happy for a chance to go and explore the world she had been reading about.
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