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    Is this teacher really all that competent? Yuria asked himself. People were falling from the sky, fires were starting, fights were breaking out, and Higoroshi was reading what must have been an extremely engrossing book by the pool.

    Yuria directed Satomi to the locker room, where she’d be safer than all the students running off toward the sources of distress, and he ran off in one of those particular directions, at least to try and keep his classmates from dying. To be exact, he followed a couple of students whose names he didn’t know, but they ran off for the woman that fell from the sky after getting some supplies (read: deadly weapons that kids shouldn’t be allowed to have, youkai or not).

    “…you part of Fairytale?” Four of the students were converging ahead of the woman, blocking her path onto school grounds. Getting people on their guard was one thing, but surviving a fall from the sky without much — if any — damage spelled enough danger to get Yuria on the defensive before he actually joined the other students.

    He didn’t bother saying anything; Yuria knew something was going to happen with so many students armed against someone that clearly held some sort of hostile intentions, and it would be easier to prepare when he wasn’t noticed. His hair turned white and solidified in the shape of downward spikes, and patches of his bikini-clad skin crystallized. His hands were soon augmented by large claws of ice, and a thin armor hovered transparently against his torso.

    Despite the protection, Yuria still refrained from getting too close to the other students — James, Chris, Cheryll and Sorae, though he failed to recognize some of them — he didn’t know if anyone noticed him yet, and he wasn’t sure whether he could actually help, especially against someone that stood up unscathed from falling out of the sky.

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