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    What was your first Professor Layton game?
    The very first Layton game I played didn't even feature Hershel Layton, it's on the iPhone called, "Layton Brothers: Mystery Room" A bit of a darker spin, and wildly different gameplay, but fun nonetheless

    I know I'm late jumping on this bandwagon (5 years for Layton, and two for this forum). But I just ordered the first trilogy on Amazon for like 30 bucks, and I can't wait to play them!

    As for finding Layton, I was playing Pheonix Wright on my iPhone and I loved it. I stumbled upon V.S. Professor Layton and began searching for the other series. And now I'm here. The 3D 'Arzan Legacy' game is being localized right now, and the V.S. Pheonix Wright game most likely will. Capcom has released an english trailer. Apparently it's 75% Professor-Layton-puzzles and 25% Pheonix-Wright-Cases.

    Hopefully this forum gets rekindled, but for now, this is PottyProf signing off!