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Let's see... It all goes back to a dark age that I refer too as December of 2011. Most people were enjoying the frequent shopping sprees or visiting their folks, yet I would rather spend my days and nights online, doing nothing at all. I found a site -can't remember its name- where there were these stories where people submitted commands that the writer would then order its characters to follow. Soon enough I ended up stalking PC, looking for a place to do some story like that, where people would also be able to submit their characters and have them interact in a determined setting.

I ended up posting what I didn't know that was a RP at that time in the Writer's Lounge. Lame...

The nice mod directed me to the Roleplay Corner. I fell in love with the amazing stories that were told here, but was clueless as to how to hop in or create my own. And I also chickened out from joining the moment I read the "SU". I eventually overcame that fear, creating a Roleplay of my own, which had to die due to me being unable to handle updates for the 15+ RPers it had :/ I don't frequent the rest of PC that much, is not really my thing xD so I hang out here like, all the time ;]

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