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    yeah, I forgot about the music. The size thing is something I'm going to keep an eye on as the project progresses.

    I like your idea about being a standard character and having different outfits, it sounds interesting. There are a lot of possibilities with that.
    I'm not entirely sure about leaving your Pokémon behind when going to a new region. I'm not sure how players would react to that. I'd expect them to want to take their Pokémon with them. Another question is, how will this be implemented; will there be two separate storage systems, one you have access to during a region, and one which can be accessed, and where all Pokémon are send to, after defeating the Pkmn League.
    For the traveling to other houses you could say your mother appointed a Mr. Mime for housekeeping, who happens to know teleport XD.

    Right now I'm first focusing on building the regions, deciding how I want to make the maps (copies of the original layouts, or adaptions to make it look prettier), and still searching for some tilesets. After that I'll look at possibilities with the multiple outfits.
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