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    Maya Nami Kyuuketsuki
    Chapter 3: Let's play!
    Classroom 13

    One by one, students were taken out by Solo. He seemed to be under control of something, esspecially since he growled pretty weirdly and kept moaning about how someone had to let him go. Nami was really confused by him and started wondering. "Are all Lycans like this?" She asked. Solo was about to blast again and Nami was getting herself ready to endure it instead of running away. She had to protect Takumi because these blasts could possibly kill him.

    Nami, who hadn't changed to her Youkai form yet, glared at him as both Frio and Elise were unconscious on the ground. "Pfftt... I thought Lycans could do better than that." Nami joked as she looked away from him. Ofcourse it wasn't pleasant that her fellow students were unconscious but Frio always managed to get unconscious somehow and she wanted to taunt him to find out what was wrong with him.

    Nami was still waiting for the blast to come at her and closed her eyes. What she didn't feel was the pain of the blast, however. She felt sudden sadness as she opened her eyes and saw Takumi laying in front of her. She realized what had happened and started to tear up. Takumi had protected her from the blast, ending up probably dead now. "T-Takumi..." She moaned as she had both hands in front of her mouth. She bend down next to him and pulled his upper body on her lap. "No..." She whispered as she gently hugged him and started crying. Solo had possibly killed her friend, her crush... there was no way she was going to forgive this. Not in one million years.

    She suddenly thought about what her brother had told her when they were young. Vampires can also bring blood inside the body of their victims, like snakes pouring their poison inside the veins of the victim with their fangs. Maybe if she poured her blood inside the veins of Takumi... maybe he would get part of her immortality, maybe he could be saved. Nami had nothing to lose and exposed his neck. She hesitated a moment because giving him part of her blood could mean that he couldn't be called a human anymore, atleast... only if she continued doing that. "Only this time... only to save Takumi..." she thought before she bit him. Instead of sucking his blood, she poured a bit of hers in his veins. She would deal with Solo later, Takumi was more important than an annoying tyrant.

    The Yandere Mermaid

    Divine started to grin as a male student made his way towards her and took out weapons that shouldn't be beared by kids. "Don't you think it's impolite to just charge at me without any good reason?" Divine said as she waved with her finger. Looking as young as she was, she could also be a student. "I don't want to hurt you, i'm just looking for a teacher names "Ryuu", do you know him?" Divine asked the boy kindly. "I need to speak to him, y'know." Divine smiled gently at the boy.

    It didn't take long before a shy girl with glasses tried to stop them from whatever they were doing. "Atleast one smart person here." Divine sighed in relieve as she thought they would bring her Ryuu now. This wasn't the case, however. Even more students started to gather in front of her and asked her if she was part of Fairytale.

    "What if I am? I haven't attacked you yet so you have no reason to attack me." Divine gave her kindest grin and asked once again. "Will you please bring me Ryuu?"

    Ryuu Higoroshi
    Chapter 3: 3C's Homeroom teacher

    Ryuu was reading when he heard a very familiar voice. He hid in his book as his face started to blush a little and showed an annoyed expression on the same time. He tried to ignore it until he noticed some students following the voice. Some of them were looking cautious and probably suspected someone from Fairytale.

    "Ugh... I don't think she would hurt my students..." He said still annoyed, even though he knew this wasn't his best decision. He just didn't want to face that person yet.

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