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    She recieved her syllabus from Emigre, and damn be if it wasn't jam-packed with stuff. She couldn't see how they would possibly have time to uphold a schedule like this on a daily basis untill she heard about the psychic "speed-lessons". Those would no doubt be interesting
    "Thermal science" she said. Really? Alex tried to think of how that would be validated, she couldn't even get hot enough to boil an egg. She thought for sure her main focus would've been some sorth of strength training or maybe boxing or even martial arts.

    She was more than excited when she found Mechanical Engineering on the very long list of classes to be had, and nearly got lost in her fantasies of toiling away in that gigantic garage for days on end... Some other classes sounded more exotic, to say the least. "Mutant history", something about Atlantis? "Interstellar species"...? Dear lord.
    And now they had reached the time for questions, should they have any. A few moments of thought, but she couldn't really think of anything, the class so far had been informative enough, and most of the other students didn't seem in the mood to answer personal questions.

    All in all she couldn't really think of anything to say, so she remained quiet for once, instead opting to put some thought into their upcomming class schedule. She noticed a lot of linguistic studies included, presumably because of the extensive mix of nationalities present in the student body. Understandable, communication is the basis of all teamwork, and in this class, they really seemed to need it. So far she'd counted two british accents, one of them welsh, two french speakers, one pure, the other somewhat mixed, and lastly Iranian. Counting her own mother tongue, that made for a minimum of five nationalities in this room alone. Suddenly the persistent tutoring from her mother seemed like time rather well spent afterall.
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