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    Okay, I'm working on a Pokémon Essentials fangame series with my friend (who recently joined this site under the name mrdoomydoom), and while he's doing the programming and mapping and such, I'm in charge of the art. I'm fine with Pokémon sprites, but when it comes to trainer battle sprites and overworld sprites, I don't have a lot of experience. More information might be released later, but for now here's what I've got:

    Our region is the Retoshi region. It's heavily inspired by Hoenn, which is obvious since it's full of water and contains a space station.

    This game heavily concerns the discovery of the Morph Stones, a mineral capable of transferring and storing any kind of energy, from life force to heat to light. All evolution stones seem to be made of Morph Stones, but since they exist in nature they tend to absorb energy from their surroundings, and until now haven't been found in their pure form. The Retoshi region contains a sunken meteor crash site full of pure Morph Stones, fuelling the theory that they came from space.

    The 3 starters are:

    Scorple, the Scorpion Sapling Pokémon

    Wogger, the Amphibian Pokémon

    Phelame, the War Elephant Pokémon

    Sprites can be found at our Deviantart Group, #Pokémon-Cosmic-Games, or my account, wolftamer9.

    Currently we need some overworld sprites before my friend can progress with the mapping. If you want to help, respond here. We currently need the sprites for a large carnival (inside and out) and a dilapidated, haunted carnival/Gym (also inside and out.)
    EDIT: We could also use some tilesets for a space shuttle/rocket (just external) pointing up for launch.

    If you have any trainer sprites or other resources you want to contribute, please let me know.
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