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    Now we have everything except Legendaries.

    (Credit to Wiznatts for Volcarona front sprite)

    You might notice with Zweilous and Hydreigon's sprites, there were several errors that I fixed. According to Bulbapedia, the Deino family was originally intended to be cyborg-dragons that were part-tank and part-dragon, hence why Zweilous and Hydreigon have those purple tank-track markings, which are a remnant of their original intent. However, they were scrapped, and then late in production they decided to add them back in, but modified their designs to be based off of Yamata no Orochi. It appears that they finalized the sprites before they finalized the Sugimori art. Here are the errors that I've fixed:
    *Zweilous now has little spiky-protusions coming from each neck, like the official art
    *Zweilous now has one nostril per head, just like the official art
    *Hydreigon's eye is now purple rather than red, just like the official art
    *Hydreigon's tongue color is now pink rather than a deep red, just like the official art
    *Volcarona's wings on the backsprite is now drawn correctly. The artist for the B/W backsprite mistook the dark-red sections on the front sprite as "shading", and so the backsprite in B/W lacked the dark-red sections, which has been corrected in my backsprite.

    Next up, the Musketeer trio...