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    Team Johto!

    Introduction: What's up everybody! I'm Ethan presenting to you with my first hack ever. i knew from the start that i couldn't make a hack alone that's why i made this team of Rom hackers to make a hack never before seen! i know we could make the best hack with the right mind, motivation and spirit this hack will come out great even if your a beginning hacker here doesn't matter to me! looking for all kinds of hackers! with that being said lets go and make a great hack together!

    Team's Project: Pokemon Legend of Darkness! Hack Of Pokemon Ruby

    Storyline: You are a boy or girl from Fruitavale town a beautiful well rounded city until one day the legendary pokemon Darkrai come wreaks havoc on the city and puts all the people in your city in nightmares(accept you because you were on a camping trip with your friend soon to be rival) when you get back from your trip you and your friend feared this would happen you two bring out a pokemon that your dad's gave to if a situation like this happens the only to wake your loved ones and the people in the town is to find the lunar pokemon cresslia. A new story unfolds

    Features: New Hero/Heroine, New Scripts and Maps, Exciting New story with twists and turns, pokemon from gens 1-5

    Positions: Spriters/Ow's, Title screen editor's, mappers,scripters Etc.

    Members: Ethan(me) Scripter,

    Name or Nickname:
    Skill level in Hacking:
    your skills:
    proof of work:
    contact information: