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    Originally Posted by Varion View Post

    Route 60, the first route in my game. :3
    I really like that map. The design of the overall route is official-looking. I just think that some of the tile styles clash. For instance the Trees and the Grass fit well together, in terms of both style and colour. On the other hand, the tall grass tiles (while nice) do not fit the rest, in terms of both style and colour. Same goes for the sign and fence. Those two, were actually the things that stood out the most. They just look randomly placed. My advice would be: change the colour of the tall grass to fit more with the rest of the scene, change the sign and fence (they really stick out), and perhaps tone down the shadow of the trees and other elements a little. At the moment, the shadows are really intense.

    Originally Posted by Rayquaza. View Post
    The whole HM feature for Pokémon Chaos is to be scrapped for a new & original system.
    Lol, don't know how I feel about that statement.