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    He began to worry a bit. Someone else came in, and as he looked at the girl straight into her her eyes, she spoke, asking for Ryuu secondly, but firstly giving the moot point that she hadn't attacked them, therefore they don't have an reason to attack her. And in that sense, she was right. Which tacked on to the list of her being quite- irk- beautiful, he had to admit, and not seeming like such an old lady up close- and also being pretty mysterious altogether. Not to mention that she seemed kind enough.

    "Well, uh..."

    Why the hesitation?

    "You see, a member of Fairytale, he, well he..."

    Why am I nearly unable to speak?

    He shook his head and spoke clearly. "A member of Fairytale previously infiltrated the academy, and I don't think it would be just to let anyone in." He looked her up and down, as if inspecting her. "Besides the fact that you literally just fell from the sky-" he took a small breath "-it has also been noticed that more than one person fell. Not to mention something is literally burning-" Sorae waved his hand towards the forest somewhere over there And with such, I also think that someone wouldn't just happen to fall from the sky, especially if they were a student. Besides, why specifically request for Ryuu? Why not anyone else? Yuna, for example. I'm not sure if anyone just happened to fall from the sky, they would automatically know the teacher they were assigned to."

    Sorae then grinned, and if this were an anime, a sweatdrop would have appeared on the side of his head. "Besides, Ryuu's probably too lazy to come here anyways, seeing as all he's done since we did our assignment is read a book."
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