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Woo! A chance to be in another RP! And this one with pokemon! Hope I got this one in early enough, my computer has been disconnecting and reconnecting to the internet constantly today.

Name: Jon Delenar (Dell-en-arr)

Age: 15

Gender: Male! (I daren't pretend I comprehend the mind of a woman well enough for it to be otherwise XD)

Appearance: Jon is a tall and thin person, 5'11 with a strange ratio of legs to torso. His legs make up for about 70% of his height instead of the usual 60%, his legs make him great at running and climbing, and thanks to how bony he is a jab from his elbow hurts pretty bad too. Jon is fairly pale and doesn't seem to tan no matter how much time he spends outside. His hair is a blond so gold people used to make jokes about his parents gilding his head and he has deep green eyes with different parts of the irises being different shades. Jon tends to wear very undecorated well taken care of jeans with a belt that has a Snorlax buckle (they would fall off constantly otherwise) and a white short-sleeve collard shirt with a cyan pokeball logo on the chest. He also wears a very nice silver and brass analog watch that was a present from his grandfather.

Personality: Jon loved pokemon from the moment he was born, always playing and talking to his parents pokemon, and he was always very gentle, never pulling their hair or petting them too hard even as a baby. Jon spent nearly all his time with pokemon, constantly wandering off when he saw one out of the corner of his eye in public, much to the chagrin of his parents. Despite the fact that he was a very active person and liked technology, there were a lot of regular kid things Jon opted not to be around very much, he would much rather ride a ponyta than a bike. And what fun would sports be when pokemon playing is considered unfair? Jon was perfectly social with people, but the first few times he was bullied or lied to it dampered his optimism a bit, pokemon had never lied to him and treated him badly, why people? Jon always tries to be nice and see the best in people, but sometimes he can get way too hung up on first impressions, thinking badly of someone because of how they dress or act in public, until he got to really meet them.

History: Both of Jon's parents had pokemon as pets since long before he was born so he grew up around them from the beginning. When he was a baby and a toddler it seemed like how well he got along with pokemon was just a result of their nurturing nature. They thought it was suspicious that every time he played with their luxray the next person to touch him got a nasty static shock, but that was all they noticed at first. As soon as he was old enough to roam around his parents were constantly paranoid about losing him because he went out into the nearby forest to climb trees, swim and have fun with the wild pokemon. It was on one such day that his parents realized there really was a special connection between him and pokemon, they caught him dancing with wild pokemon by the lake and even the beedril weren't being hostile!

Little did his parents know that Jon was also quite frequently talking to a person during his outings. Mr. Pokémon, a man obsessed with everything about pokemon, from learning more about them to collecting pokemon articles such as the scales of dragon types had noticed a little boy playing with wild pokemon during one of his first hand research expeditions and talked to him about his life and got to know him. One day Mr. Pokémon approached Jon's parents, explained the situation to them and asked if he could take Jon with him every once in a while to do research, obviously it would be much more informative and fun if somebody like this young man was along!

And so it went for a while, Jon running to find Mr. Pokémon nearly every day after school to help him out, he even was kind enough to bring him to Prof. Elm's lab a few times, but Jon never really got to meet him as Mr. Pokémon made it quite clear that what they were talking about was far beyond a child and would only confuse him. "But what about that girl who's always here? You two never send her away!" He complained every time, jabbing his finger in the direction of the girl who seemed to be at Elm's lab every time they went there. Mr. Pokémon would always gently pat Jon on the shoulder and tell him "Well she spends quite a bit of time around here you see, she is much more accustomed and likely to understand this kind of talk than you."

Eventually, one a day Jon was busy sulking in the house because Mr. Pokémon hadn't been around for two weeks, all of a sudden he was back, and hand delivering a letter with an apology for his absence. "Please forgive me, I was so excited when I found out I felt I had to wait for it to be official and demanded to be the one to tell you." Jon greedily snatched the letter out of his mentor's hands and carelessly tore open the ornate envelope and began to read, before too long his face lit up "There are other kids like me? And I finally get to be a trainer and go on a journey? oh thank you thank you so much Mr. Pokémon!" The man laughed jovially "Oh don't thank me, thank all my colleagues. Oh that reminds me! I think you will recognize one of the other children there."
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