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Originally Posted by ForeverDash View Post
Something I really dislike about this hack is grass in cities/towns. It just annoys me whenever im going through the town/city and pokemon pop up.

Why can't a rom hack have a little different taste from the original games? Isn't that the point of rom hacking? There are only three towns, not cities accessible in this game and only one of them has grass since it is a town based off of a mystical forest and hosts a legend that will be accessed much later in the game... and what's the difference between grass in a town and grass in a route...?

Well, in this game, there are
going to be a lot of "non traditional" features that were not in the originals simply because as a player of these games, I always wished that they had mixed things up a bit. For instance, I am going to have unofficial gyms and lots of other things that I have always wanted in the GBA game series.

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