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    So although it's probably unlikely seeing as the game is quite dead, unfortunately...

    Does anyone play Melty Blood? I would love to play with you whether you have it on not. Just message me and I can get you hooked up.

    Melty Blood is a fighting game, originally released on the PS2 (although I play it on PC with an emulator), that has a wide cast of 39 playable characters with their own personalities, and with the theme of them all being supernatural in some way or the other.

    It's very unique yet at the same time still easy to learn as it has a lot of the same style of mechanics as many other fighting games.

    Finally, the game features some really awesome music. Here's a couple songs from the game, and a video featuring the intro and gameplay of Melty Blood: Actress Again (although evidently no one in the video was actually able to pull off their special moves )

    So if you're actually sold on this game VM me and I can get you started, or if you already have the game we can arrange that :3
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