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Originally Posted by Gym Leader Rozu View Post
I just got my big sister's file on Pokemon Pearl (not against her will) and I am up to the bit where Cheryl is taking me deep into the forest to kill me. So it's not to late to change my team.

Starly: DO NOT WANT!!

Shinx: Well, it's evolutions are powerful and cool. So I wanna keep it.

Chimchar: I like it, but if anyone has any information to share on it's strength, I am willing to boot it.

Budew: I want Roselia! :x

Buizel: Willing to boot... ish.

That is my team so far. Plus I am gunning for an Aipom so if anyone has anything to say to that, well, please do.

Thanks! :D
Half of your team matches with my team of Platinum. I will suggest you to skip Aipom and replace it with Gible which is tank in battling