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Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga RPG
Probably ending up as a really weird RPG, but I got the idea from the game so...
Anyway, it's another type of RPG (chain story style) that involves a group of up to 10 people facing challenges as seen in Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga.

The places are as available. You may take the following characters:
Mario (attacks: Jump, Fireball): 100marios
Luigi (attacks: Jump, Chaseball): pokejungle
Yoshi (attacks: Lick and Egg Produce, Pound, Egg Throw): Sapphire Latios
Wario (attacks: Punch, Smash): anime_god
Waluigi (attacks: Punch, Roll):
Daisy (attacks: Slap, Punch):
Pikachu (attacks: Thunderbolt, Electric Charge):
Ash (Pokmon: Treecko [with attack Leaf Blade], Corphish [with attack Crabhammer and Knock Off]):
May (Pokmon: Beautifly [with attack Gust], Skitty [with attack Heal Bell, Assist]):
Masato (Kick, Pack Whack):
Taken by me!

Also there are the troublemakers.
These people can decide what the characters have to face. So this is also more of a "someone else also decides it" type RPG.
The following troublemakers are available (3):
Cackletta (attacks: Possess [possess one of the troublemakers or Ash or May], Holes, Triple Team) & Fawful (Attacks: Thunderball, Ram, Headgear Smash): Shadow
Bowser (attacks: Gut Flare, Hammer Throw):
Popple (may recruit a Rookie, either Wario, Waluigi or Daisy, current rookie is Triclyde [a three-headed fireball-shooting dragon]) (attacks: Steal, Loot Bag, Ram): Taken by Dragon_Master

What can the troublemakers do exactly?
Other than the attacks, they may order people to come and battle.

What are the rules? When the troublemakers command a battle, the selected enemy must come and start battle. They may select who enters the battle (3 people, please share them around!) so attack the enemies. The troublemakers may decide what the enemies do. Later in the quest you may be matched by the troublemakers.
Also, troublemakers can set puzzles and make forests and other areas.

Hope this is successful. Have fun!

Fill these details (very simple):
Who you want to be:

The quest starts when all (or most) places are filled.
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