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Originally Posted by j_Woo View Post
All I saw in the dex was the beetle one o-o nvm I found it xD didn't realize it was a roach at first glance xD
Ah, dude I have to say though that your idea sounds very thought out, at least a bit. So, if you want your little "bugger", why not make it like a counterpart to the one already made? I hate to see good ideas gone to waste lol

If your going to consider making the Normal-Type Gimmick, let's do what Hoenn suggested and make it have the ability of changing it's type every 3 turns, and it's signature move always reflecting it's current type. Maybe it's ability could be called "Type Reel", like in those Wheel of Fortune shows

And a free art program?
I'm currently using a PhotoShop version that my cousin "gave" me. While I'm pretty sure it can be sent to other people, I would first check if either Paint.NET or GIMP is free, because I'm pretty sure those are.
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