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What does America stand for?
I don't think America stands for much.

Is America a force for good or evil?
Both, to extents that are impossible to compare. It's done good, it's done bad, I doubt it's purposefully decided to do "bad", but personally I don't like the attitude towards policing the world. Otherwise most stuff is the sort of decision most any other country would make, so nothing notable.

Does America have friends or enemies? What do friends/enemies think of America?

I think most people would list the UK as the USA's only friend. Enemies are a tad more obvious. I don't think people in nations with governments friendly to the US have their view at all affected by that, though.

I think America's "image" is rather amusingly bad for such a powerhouse on the world stage. Ask people what they think of the powers that be and it's either "wow they're so backward over there" or "lol they have far too much influence", which I guess is natural, but then you ask what they think of ordinary American citizens and it's either (again) "wow they're so backward over there" or "lol they fat". Also I feel as if it's a common perception that America is somewhat culturally bankrupt, but your (lack of) history can't be helped. The US just happened to get lumbered with a bad stereotype though, I'm not sure if it's fair to say people hate / laugh at the US just because their stereotype is of bible bashing McDonald customers.

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