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    Just so you're aware, I'm an American citizen by birth (for validity). I know a lot of 'Murkins like to drop their dry cleaner when they see some of the stuff I'm about to say, so don't think I'm some Kazakhstani pretending to be American in order to get out my hate.

    What does America stand for?
    Gluttony, selfishness, and greed of the worst kind. We used to be nice and selfless, the 90s kind of let that slip away with the advance of our own corporatoplutotheocracy (yes, a mouthful, but that's what it is).

    Is America a force for good or evil?
    I'd say we used to be the best force of good around back in the day, but we got all high and mighty of ourselves after WWII (think: Vietnam). And again in the 90s.

    Does America have friends or enemies? What do friends/enemies think of America?
    I think America has more enemies than friends, honestly. I don't see too many countries other than the UK and France even offering to help us with all of our money-mongeling wars over big oil.

    Foreign intervention (or not!)
    It's out of greed, which is why we do it with complete and utter disregard for anyone in our way.

    Domestic and foreign surveillance
    It's the norm here. Expect to be watched and surveyed and robbed of your identity a thousand times over in the US of A.

    The state of the economy
    Pathetic. Gasoline is a good example of this, too. The way the oil companies toyed with the gas prices to screw us over with our dependence on them. You know, crash the economy and sneak in a few extra dollars per gallon while no one was looking. Or was it raising it to $4.00 a gallon, knowing people will complain about gas and might actually do something to boycott them, then lowering it to $3.85, causing everyone to miraculously shut up (over fifteen cents I might add). YOU'RE STILL PAYING $3.85 for gasoline you dumb idiot!

    Its political effectiveness
    Warying. It used to be we could do pretty much whatever we wanted back in the 50s, but, as usual, we abused that power 'til it was gone. And it went, too. Our moneymaking skirmishes kind of made the rest of the world lose respect for innocent people dying because some rich fat old white dude isn't happy with his diamond-studded gold-plated swimming pool in his 15,000 acre resort of a mansion.

    Its record on human rights
    Also pathetic. The government has made a way to gradually reduce all of our "rights" to nothing—If we even had them to begin with. Just look back to when we forced 110,000 Japanese-American citizens by birth into internment, simply because their parents were born in the wrong country. Human rights don't mean anything when you need them, that's for sure.

    Cultural attitudes
    Americans don't know jack squat when it comes to world politics. The closest you can get to what your average American knows about some other country is the revolutionaries in Northern Africa and the Taliban. Other than that, most Americans couldn't even tell you what the Prime Minister of Canada is. And that, is honest truth.

    And anything else you think is important
    I think I've covered all of my bases. No further inquiry, for now.
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