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    Hey, it's the same Einstein95 from TCRF here. I found these weird offsets after playing around for a bit:

    0x03007DA3 (scrolls map (Y)):
    00 - Return to Crash
    <7F - Right
    >7F - Left

    0x03007DA7 (scrolls map (X)):
    00 - Return to Crash
    <7F - Down
    >7F - Up

    For example, if you were to set 0x03007DA7 to 80, then the camera moves up. It seems like it was planned to have a way of looking around the map, like in other games (Super Mario World springs to mind). This is probably true given that 00 returns back to Crash in a smooth camera movement.

    ETA: Oh, and I found the time trial counter (not the gems)
    Time Trial counter:
    02002708 - Minutes
    0200270C - Seconds
    02002710 - Deciseconds (1/10th of a second)
    02002714 - Centiseconds (1/100th of a second)

    What's interesting is that it counts the centiseconds which aren't displayed in the timer.
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