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So I started out in the Pokemart of Rustboro city with my E. Honda. He got deposited immediately and I went to Slateport to battle Team Aqua. On the following route I ran into a Wingull but I got a crit so no new pokemon there for me.
I went up to Watson's place and got myself a mach bike. On the route to the right I caught an oddish and spent some time training it. Her name is Onion.
once I was confident that Onion wouldn't die I used it to battle Wally and got a OHKO. She evolves into Gloom.
I challenged Watson's gym where everyone crumbled to my Kipdum. I taught Skrillex Rock Smash and got Strength by letting the lovebirds reunite. I caught a Geodude (dubbed Stoner) on route 111 by using Rock Smash. Left him in the Day Care while I raised Pikabloo, the second Marill I've caught. This one on route 112. I grabbed Stoner from the Daycare and now I'm making my way north towards Flannery. Oh and Pikabloo has evolved into Azumarill

Next time on Pika: Nuzlocke Challenge! Trekking through the Fiery Path!

Finished the FR/LG monotype a loooooong time ago. Not that anyone cares though.