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my my aren't we a hateful little bunch today.

Is America a force for good or evil?

Perspective is everything. Like just about every country, (Yes, your's too) there are episodes of good and bad.

Does America have friends or enemies? What do friends/enemies think of America?

Obviously both. Friends might be a little edgy after all the NSA/Monitoring going on, but that's to be expected. And our enemies obviously want us all dead or defeated, etc.

Foreign intervention (or not!)

The world's lone superpower has been acting as a police force for roughly 70 some years now. Do you want another Bosnia or Rwanda? If there's a real human rights issue going on (Like the ones I just mentioned) then something needs to be done. Or do you advocate that we just let Syria rip itself apart and destabilize the entire region? I'm not a war hawk or a neocon, but there are times for diplomacy and times for action.

Domestic and foreign surveillance

This is nothing new. Where was the outrage 10 years ago, I wonder?

The state of the economy

Congressional leadership won't let it recover. Get rid of them, and get a jobs bill through, and watch it recover faster.

Its political effectiveness

See above.

Its record on human rights

Certainly not the best, looking at our history with slavery and how we treated the Native population, but at least we're not still burning quote-unquote 'witches' like in Indonesia or quartering soccer referees like in Brazil.
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