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I can't say I'm really a fan. The only FPS games I've really enjoyed, I enjoyed for other reasons and often felt annoyed by the fact that they were part of the genre at all. Bioshock was the first FPS I ever played and it had a lot of RPG elements and its story was the priority, compared to multiplayer-based FPSes. The only other one I really like is the Left 4 Dead series and that one is more about teamwork and ambiance than necessarily shooting... if that makes any sense. (If Portal counts, I liked it too and it's obviously not a traditional one either.)

But stuff like Halo or Battlefield? The only reason to play it is for the sake of doing something with my friends and I just don't enjoy the actual shooter aspect of any of them. The games aren't fun for me and they all feel the same. The only difference to me is the controls used to reload the weapon and minor things like whether or not you regenerate health. I don't like competitive multiplayer and often the co-op (ie single player) modes are only there to facilitate the multiplayer so they aren't as polished. As a result, I just don't enjoy myself when I play shooters/FPSes and will generally avoid them entirely.

I'll still check them out if they're supposedly genre-changing or critically acclaimed but for the most part I'm just fine pretending they don't exist.

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