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    Does the Repel trick work in the Safari Zone? Example: I want to find Stantler in Emerald. It appears 5% of the time in Area 5 at levels 36-39. If I put a level 39 pokemon at the front of my party and use a repel, will there be any higher of a chance of finding Stantler?
    I searched Google & that's what I found:
    Using Repels - Using a level 26 pokemon with repels will not let you encounter Chansey per se, but it will let you avoid a bunch of pokemon in-between. It's a good time saver, if you don't want to spend the time running away from pokemon, but you won't catch Chansey any faster step-wise.
    So it's better to just stand in a spot & spin around yourself to avoid wasting steps (you consume your "time" in the Safari Zone by walking) until you find a Stantler, then:
    For rare pokemon in the Safari Zone, the best strategy is to use 1 Bait and then throw a lot of balls. If the Pokemon stops eating and is watching carefully, throw 1 more bait then keep throwing balls. If you have 1-3 balls left, you should just throw balls without bait.
    Now my questions:

    1. I want a wall/tank Pokemon in Emerald that can learn "trolling" moves like Toxic/Spore/Will-O-Wisp/Curse (ghost only) + Fire Spin/Whirlpool/Bind + a Recovery move if possible.

    2. Also my Gardevoir has the following moveset:
    Future Sight
    Calm Mind
    Double Team

    & I want her to learn the Hypnosis/Dream Eater combo, so I'll let her forget 2 moves including Future Sight, should the other move be Calm Mind or Double Team???
    Thanks in advance to whoever will help me.