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    Hi guys !

    Today im gonna teach you all on how to enable linking with Pokemon R, S, E, FR, LG players around the world using your android device (tablet or smartphone) and MyBoy Emulator.

    Things you will need :
    1. Pokemon Roms Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, Leaf Green.
    2. My Boy Gba Emulator version 1.5.0 for android (Google it Full Version or Purchase in Play Store)
    3. Strong Wireless Connection (Wifi) or Bluetooth.

    Steps :

    1.Download the Rom and Install the Emulator My Boy Gba Emulator version 1.5.0 in your android device
    2.After Downloading/Installing Open the Emulator
    3. Browse for the Rom you downloaded
    4. Play and learn playing it yourself

    Linking (All players must do this):
    Bluetooth: Only for people who is near to each other
    Wi-Fi: For people far to each other
    1.Open your Bluetooth or Wifi (must be connected to Wireles Connection)
    2. Open your Emulator
    3. Open your Rom
    4. Go to any Pokemon Center
    5.Go to second Floor and talk to the last receptionist who is in charge of Link Room
    6. Choose what you want to do with your friend (Colosseum, Trade, Mix Record) both must choose same choice.
    7. Click Option
    8. Click Link Remote > Wifi/
    Wifi Server : The one who will host the game and who will give the IP address and Port number to other players
    Wifi Client : The participants of the game, you must know the IP address and Port number of the Server
    Bluetooth Server: The host of the game
    Bluetooth Client : The participants of the game, must connect with the Server's bluetooth.

    9.After that a message will show that you must wait for the other players. After that you can now battle, trade or mix record with the other players.

    Ask me anything and I will gladly answer it.

    Thanks !

    The battle for championship will begin soon
    Message me for more details
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