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    Originally Posted by nuzamaki90 View Post
    Some of you have seen it already but Id still like some constructive criticism and opinions on this next map. Just to inform you, it's a little big and the huge empty space is there for a reason because that part of route isn't finished and its connecting to another map and I only wanted to show this one.

    So this is Route 16 of Rasen, it's one of my larger maps and it connects to Route 17 which is a shaped like a slope. On this route you actually have to travel with one of your rivals

    I actually like those maps. Their general layout is quite nice. Several issues I see, though. For one, the player can go through all the routes completely bypassing the tall grass. Unless you don't own a Pokemon at this stage, the way forward should have some wild encounter obstacles. Then the "S" shaped paths - I really don't see the point of those. You could have just made them straight, and added some general decorations to the sides or something. Some of your trees are weirdly resized. My final comment would be on the bottom left area. It looks really awkward and unnatural. It's just really random - don't know what else to say. Other than that, I do like the shape of your maps.