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i'm the same as most. when i was younger, i didn't care much about what Pokémon's gender was, unless it was EXTREMELY gender-specific, like Machamp or Mr. Mime.

nowadays i tend to be a lot more picky, but only when it comes to certain Pokémon. for example, when catching my Scraggy, it had to be male, but when i ended up with a female Snivy when restarting for a good nature, i didn't mind at all. in fact, since i later noticed that all other Pokémon i wanted to use in my team were supposed to be male in my mind, i was glad i hadn't ended up with a male Snivy too! at least i had SOME gender-diversity now.

most Pokémon need to have a specific gender to fit my mind's image of them. but there's also some Pokémon i just don't know what to do with. for example, when playing RSE i was of course convinced that Roselia had to be female. but then Sinnoh popped up with ROSERADE... and suddenly i wasn't so sure anymore!
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