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I am never really gender specific, only if catching Ralts (I like Gallade <3), but I do occasionally pick names that would only fit with a girl such as Rosie the Roserade.

Sometimes I do end up scavenging for a certain gender of a certain Pokémon so I can breed them, but I'm not your every day professional breeder!

If it is, for example, Machamp, I don't search for a girl Machop/Machoke in the first place because that is just wrong! But I don't search furiously and will not stop until I do find a male, I'm alright with a female but it changes my opinion on them quite a lot if they are a certain 'mon. If it was a Pidgey, who cares? x) Also, I'm not saying it's wrong for a woman to be muscly and beefy, but Machamp just looks like a man in my opinion! <3

23 days until~
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