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Originally Posted by Kotowari View Post
Chrom's friendzoning skills are legendary. I have to mention though that his "two halves of a greater whole" made my little fangirl heart weep with joy. <3

On a side note, you might have already read this?: It's the reason I might start shipping Lon'quxLissa in the future. |D;
yeah thats cute :3 i couldnt read the second one though since the lower part of the page is too small to read XD
Originally Posted by Virgilin View Post
Gosh a shipping question?? YES!! :D

I personally like Lon'qu with Miriel, and Tharja with Henry. Two dark mages are bound to be together!
Chrom can't even talk to ladies properly. Have you seen the conversations he has with the female avatar?
"Ladies are usually pretty-and your none of that..." I swear he made the biggest mistake of his life by saying that!
i knew you'd say that :D miriel and lon'qu are such a milf couple though XD
well considering he sees her naked in the next support this is kinda insignificant XD
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