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    Map Name: none
    Game: Ruby (why does this matter?)
    Hack: unnamed
    Credits: Zein, Alistair, Aquiles, kymotonian/kyledove, Lu-ho, Jiggly, and Nintendo
    Comments: As with all my maps, I go for more aesthetic appeal than playability, since that's what I enjoy in a game. However, as there are going to be people rating it, I put a minimal amount of effort into the playability. The palette will be desaturated in the future, and the water tiles (just water, not the lilypads or cattails) will be changed but the rest of the tiles should remain. The micro grass revamps from GSC do nothing, they are just there for decoration. You enter from the bottom right. There are also two bushes that can be cut in the middle of the map that allow access to the upper-middle portion of the map. It's a patch of woods, so I purposely made it so that there were no mountains/cliffs.
    BTW i'm new at rating and posting maps...

    What i like about it; Its clear that there are 3 entrances and exits to this forest, the pathing is good and has a few dead ends for the player to actually explore and get lost in. It certainly has a the aesthetic appeal you were after, tough it it shouldn't be too hard to make the map more playable like a fork in the bottom left

    What i dislike about it, green so much green. The lakes,puddles are a good respite from the feature while the rocks are obviously meant to detract from the green but they are obviously out of place, if you added a little more color then the boulders would be fine. Assuming the player doesn't have SURF or CUT this forest will be easily glided though as it only has one fork.

    7/10 Less green and another fork 9/10

    ------Heres My Monstrosity-----
    The print-screen should be attached.
    Mapname- Whitby
    Hack- Me messing around (first map)
    Meant to be the starting town with two routes free from the get go lower left (along the beach)and the top towards a short cave. With the houses I was considering changing the doors to the green door like on the lab. My biggest concern is with its clash with the boarder tiles. Seeing as i'm new to map creation I've passed on using new tiles and stuck with the old tile set.
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