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Game: I'll start off with Ruby to see what it's like as I've never done this before.
Optional Rules:
-Must nickname all Pokémon.
-You must change the Battle Style to SET.

I can't really draw comics, so I guess I'll just type and screenshot.

Lunacrest's Pokémon Ruby Randomizer Nuzlocke!
-Chose girl and named myself Terra.
-Out of the three starters, I chose a Tentacool.
-Beat the Poochyena.
-Obtained Tentacool and named it Tentahot. (LOL rnt i funneh?)
-Went through Route 101 and 103 to try and battle Brendan.
-Lost against Brendan's Mudkip, so I lost the challenge.

Aren't I amazing at these games?

Let's try this again.
Attempt #2
-Chose girl and named myself Terra.
-Completed mandatory intro stuff.
-Out of Victreebel, Aerodactyl, and Mightyena for starters, I chose Mightyena.
-Nicknamed my Mightyena Lockheart. I don't know why, it just felt right.
-This time, I beat Brendan.
-Went back to Birch's Lab to get the Pokedex and some Poké Balls.
-Rested at Mom's.
-Went to Route 101 to find the first Pokémon to be....Ditto!
-...but I killed it accidentally.
-Went to Route 103 to find the first Pokémon to be...Graveler!
-Caught Graveler and nicknamed it RockyRoad.
-...but then it died when I was trying to grind it against a Meditite. (Wow, this is going absolutely swimmingly!)
-Go to Route 102 to find the first Pokémon to be...Nidorina!
-I catch the Nidorina and nickname it Thea. (Those who know the show Arrow will understand.)
-I trained Thea and Lockheart to Level 8 each by beating all of the Trainers on the Route.
-Helped Wally obtain his Ralts.
-Entered Route 104 to find the first Pokémon to be...Poochyena!
-I decide to kill it because I already have Lockheart.
-Thea dies against Rich Boy Winston's Zigzagoon. Wow, I am doing really badly.
-Thankfully Petalburg Woods is near, so I go there to find the first Pokémon to be...Aggron!
-...but I fail to catch it because I only had one Poké Ball. FML.
-Because of this I decide to waste all my money on Poké Balls.
-Beat the Team Aqua member in Petalburg Forest.
-I entered Rustboro City, but before I challenge the Gym, I have to catch at least one more Pokémon at Route 116.
-I enter Route 116 to find the first Pokémon to be...Gyarados!
-But the Gyarados killed Lockheart, ending my challenge.

For what it was worth, it was really fun though. I'll restart it later, maybe.

Update: Here are some screenies of my fallen warriors.

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