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Yunia Badeesh | Dune
Her introduction had gone smoothly, though this wasn't any surprise to Yunia as she had expected as much. After all these were her plans and they hadn't failed her yet. Another student spoke up, an Alexandra, Yunia did what she had done with the others and committed even the smallest amount of details shared with the class to memory. That, as well as not turning and facing her, Yunia kept her eyes firmly placed in front of her. She cared very little about the thoughts that were swirling in their heads about her or the people who thought them up.

Their teacher, Émigré, spoke again, but this time it was more pleasing to Yunia. The assumption that she would share all her classes with the insolent group of misfits was a tad bit off based and for once she was glad that it had been. The syllabus was glanced over eagerly, seeking out the classes, which would best further not only her ability but her intelligence. Less and less attention was paid directly to the teacher that moved around the room, as Yunia had given up on observing her mutation. Only when her mutant name had been spoken had she bothered listening, she didn't remove her eyes from the syllabus to look at Émigré that was unnecessary. Advanced Geology? Easy enough for anyone with her intelligence level, she wouldn't ask this lot of students to help her that was for sure.

Questions? Yunia felt like yawning to show her boredom with this class and the peers that sat around her. It almost tempted her to ask, "When can I leave?" But she hadn't. Rude as it may be a majority of the interest she had invested into Orientation was weaning, hopefully she would be allowed to go. If none of them asked questions that would only speed up the process. Imagining the questions that they might ask, which all had obvious answers to them, only made Yunia's head hurt. She wondered how the rest of the day would pan out... A long, unproductive day was in store if it went by how Yunia thought.

Those thoughts shifted to all the mutations she had learned about thus far and the only one that she felt uneasy about was Les Ouragan's. In a fight it wouldn't be hard from him to subdue her, wet sand made her sluggish and useless, Yunia found this out one day after she began to ponder the weaknesses she had. This Self-Defense class surely would cover such predicaments? Sand Mimicry was basically a self-defensive in itself it would be foolish to try and take her on in close range physical combat once she learned to shift most of her body into sand. For the moment Yunia knew that she would pay some attention in that class if it would advance her survival rate in an actual battle. Wait, when would they be allowed in the field? That must would be put off for awhile even if Yunia hadn't looked at them she knew this bunch was a miserable bunch and not for a second would she entrust her life into their unworthy hands.

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