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    Originally Posted by Wendle View Post
    ------Heres My Monstrosity-----
    The print-screen should be attached.
    Mapname- Whitby
    Hack- Me messing around (first map)
    Meant to be the starting town with two routes free from the get go lower left (along the beach)and the top towards a short cave. With the houses I was considering changing the doors to the green door like on the lab. My biggest concern is with its clash with the boarder tiles. Seeing as i'm new to map creation I've passed on using new tiles and stuck with the old tile set.
    I cant give you a numbered rating on this map man... it would be insulting... to the number...

    so Ill just go head on into tips and advice for a budding map artist (sad when "I" can give advice)

    lets start with natural shapes... EVERYTING is sooooooo square.... have you ever seen a beach that goes straight accross the water like that... its gonna have wavy kindofa flow to is, ins and outs...

    ALSO... if you use Ocean water you dont need to put rocks aginst the sand, players cannot surf on ocean water

    now, border blocks, you say you are worried about them. just remember, players can see 4.5 tiles up and down, and 7 tiles to the left and right... so to stop the player from seeingwhere your tiles meet the boarder, just give yourself a berth of 5 blocks on the top and bottom and 8 blocks to each side

    you are good on the top and bottom, but players will see your borders to the sides, so they will notice that your mountian sides sharply end to the east side of the lab...
    where they end to the west you can use a map connection to hide that (thats what they are for)

    the grass tile with the dark squiggley is usually used to hide a berry... fyi... if you knew this, your towns berrys are strangely place... was someone planting them to the east of the lab?

    also the fences look odd... but its not something I have advice for... just work with them till they look like they are ending on their own and not arbitrarily into a tree or building... practace I guess.

    And for my map:
    Name: Navel Mountian
    Game: FireRed
    Hack: FireRed +Plus
    Comments, Ice Puzzles are fun!