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    Okay here is my review for "Battling the Enemy Within!":

    First off this the first time I have ever seen this season and may I say this theme song rivals Master Quest's and that's saying something in my book. Now as for the first part I love the showing of ancient writings as it forewarns us that this is going to be a mystery centered episode. Next up, that Pikachu statue in my opinion is kinda odd as he is not of this region so I kinda would have prefered a different Pokemon. What do you all think? I also loved the real world reference to Atlantis a destroyed place that can't be found. Okay secret chamber with automatic torches? Can I say amazing or what? This episode has already in just 6 1/2 minutes shown amazing plot depth. Is it just me or is that orb an ancient pokeball? I love it when in this type of storyline we go back and forth between the possesed and the host!!! Oh and one more thing I did not see the pyramid transforming into a helicarrier comming.

    In all, this episode was great!!!!
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