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    As a woman, I can adamantly say that this bill is some serious bullcrap. If you can't see the true intention behind this, then read between the lines.

    I'm an unemployed college student, if I'm raped and impregnated, where the hell am I going to get the financial stability to support myself and my child for 18 years? In some cases, abortion is the best option. If someone is in a situation where their quality of life would be much better off without the added responsibility of a child, then abortion should be an option.

    All I see in this bill is that they want to guilt trip women in changing their minds and keeping the babies. Requiring ultrasounds to point out the baby's external features to the mother? That's some manipulative bull right there. Many women who have necessary abortions already go through trauma, they don't need salt on an open wound.

    As Livewire mentioned, all I can see this bill doing is upping the percentage of less-than-quality, potentially dangerous abortions being performed.
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