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Kayla Makihatayama and Holly Amarosa

Kayla sighed softly. She nudged Haru and whispered, "Remember. Holly's tried to kill herself before. Amy doesn't trust you. You show her that you're happy with Holly and that you love her. If you don't, then she and her Absol will have fun tearing you to shreds and hiding the evidence. Just... Play it cool, alright?" Kayla smiled at Haru before walking over to Shawn. She sighed again. "I just know that this is going to end badly..."

Holly was panting by the time that she reached the group. "I ran here as fast as I could..." she whispered. Any grinned and gave Holly a big hug. She lifted her sister off if the ground and hugged her tightly. "I missed you so much," she whispered. She set Holly on the ground and glared at Haru. "He's not really your boyfriend, is he?" Amy asked. Holly tilted her head and giggled. "Of course he is," she whispered, skipping over to Haru. She linked her arm with his and smiled. Amy shook her head. "I don't like him. I REALLY don't like him."
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